What does "Quest Based" mean?

Quest Based refers to the type of gameplay we encourage and require from players. Progression in this server is based on "Warp Data" which can be collected from various questlines, both custom and not.

What is "Warp Data?"

Warp Data is the main progression factor in IntrinsicMS. Players can gather Warp Data after completing various custom storylines around the Maple world. This warp data allows the user to then easily access the town with a click of a button.

What is the max level?

The max level is 400. This is due to the plethora of content we have to offer to keep players busy. Also note, our weapons and equipment scale up to level 400 so the damage possibilities are endless.

What are these "Nostalgic" areas/PQs I hear about?

IntrinsicMS has brought back the much missed Pre-BB PQs. Including: Orbis PQ, Kerning PQ, Ludibrum PQ. Furthermore, IntrinsicMS has brought back many of the Pre-BB maps such as Henesys Hunting Ground, and a full Pre-BB Victoria Island (unreleased).

How do I get equipment?

Most viable equipment can be earned from completing quest lines or from boss drops. Alternativly you can buy equipment from other players.

Help! I'm stuck on a quest!

Use @hint and @questinfo in game. If you're still stuck view our quest guides that walk you through almost every quest step by step with images.

I found a bug, where do I report it?

Report all bugs on the appropriate Discord channel. If it is a major bug or exploit PM an administrator.

How do I change my style??

You can change your look by talking to the NPC in the big tree in the middle of the Intrinsic Crossway.

Where can I get NX equipment?

Somew NX can be bought in the Cash Shop for NX or Maple Points. Rare NX and Hats can be bought from Angelic Buster NPC in the FM.

What are all these bots in the FM?

Most of the bots are used to help direct players and give them friendly reminders. Sexbot is used for Phantom to steal skills. To change Sexbot's job type: "Sexbot job [JOBID]". Please note - all the bots are on ONE account and only TWO bots show up on the @online list meaning they have very little impact on our online count.

Have any more questions?

Visit us on Discord or forums and we'll be sure to get your questions answered.